• Jeremy Pesner

    Jeremy Pesner

    Technology, policy and innovation specialist

    • Scientific Director, IT & Innovation, Israel Ministry of Science & Technology
    • Telecommunications and IT
    • Government and policy
    • Technology and innovation
    • Research and data analysis
    • Futurism and strategic planning
    • Video games and education

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    Jeremy is a multidisciplinary technologist, researcher and policy analyst with a Computer Science background. He has studied a wide variety of topics across technology, policy and society. He is well-practiced at aligning technological and organizational needs simultaneously, and has worked in several technology-related roles across startups, academia and government. Jeremy has spoken at venues including StartingBloc, Hackers on Planet Earth and the World Future Society, is a proud member of the Jewish community, is developing his spiritual side through meditation and shamanistic practices and maintains a healthy interest and involvement with social innovation, technology startups, academic research, futurism, video games, public speaking and empowering others.


    Jeremy is interested in speaking engagements, conferences and research projects relating to the evolution of technology and technology policy issues.

  • Professional and Volunteer Summary

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    Scientific Director, IT & Innovation

    Israel Ministry of Science & Technology

    I help to represent the ministry in international fora such as the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and the European Union Joint Research Centre. I also help build digital tools to aid connections between scientists and policymakers.

    Maryland DHS

    Data Analyst

    Maryland Department of Human Services

    Using R, I wrote scripts to automate many of the recurring reports that the Baltimore Child Welfare agency is responsible for producing. I also developed new graphs and web interfaces to display our data, worked on lean process improvements and helped develop the first data governance plan for the agency.


    Assistant Director

    Music and Gaming Education Symposium

    Since 2011, I have volunteered as the Assistant Director for the Music and Gaming Education Symposium, a division of MAGFest. MAGES brings together academics, artists, designers, developers and fans to have intellectual, in-depth conversations about games.

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